L – Hang

Skin the Cat

Single Leg Squat


3 rounds for time of:

30 Sit ups

100 Jump Rope revolutions

Post performances and time to comments.

And, remember when Rocky trained to take on the Russian? He didn’t need all those high-tech machines and monitors and steroids that the soviets had. He just went hard in the outdoors, taking on the elements,  picking heavy things up, putting them down. Good old fashioned, old school hard work.

Rocky beat the Russian and we will too. The new commies are the commercial gyms that want to take all our money for what they market to us as “fitness”.

Real fitness takes real hard work along with some good coaching and camaraderie. It can be had anywhere, at anytime, for free. And I’ll take mine out in the snow this winter like Rocky!  🙂


2 responses to “12/8/09

  1. Garrett –

    Up to 1 leg L-Hang, supported 1/2 skin the cat (no full ROM, no return), progressed to full Single Leg squats on bench! Congrats Garrett!

    Timed workout – 7:12

  2. awesome rocky action. Hope thats whats happening everyday with those guys! Gotta defeat laziness and procrastination. Get everybody movin with healthy mind and body. Then they’ll be able to defeat any russians :O.

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