1-arm Push up

Single Leg Squat

Then, 3 rounds for time of:

Run 200m

15 Reverse Hip Extensions

10 Knees to Elbows

Post Strength/Skill performance and time to comments.

Fitness, gymnastics, art, I used to express these elements through a single activity: Breakdancing.

Of course, not everyone’s cup of tea. I was just watching the breakdancing documentary Planet B-boy last night and it brought back that feeling few have experienced (or want to). Here’s a few of the international competitors from the documentary getting down in their respective countries. Enjoy the athleticism if nothing else.


2 responses to “12/15/09

  1. Garret – Single Leg Squats atop bench, 1-arm Push ups to top of picnic table,
    Time: 11:00, didn’t finish K to E’s, not easy

    Meyy – Single leg Squats with pole, better, 1-arm Push ups to top of picnic table with assist.
    Time: 10:45, more tension/control needed on RHE and KtoE’s

  2. One arm pushups were very hard…I know I shud improve on them…

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