Handstand Push ups


Chin ups
Squat Jumps


As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

30 Walking Lunges
20 Sit ups
10 Dips

Post performances and number of rounds to comments.

And, some Old School Wisdom:

Don't sleep on the Emperor of Rome

“In the application of principles, you must be like the boxer, not the gladiator. For the latter must put down and take up his weapon, while the boxer has his hand with him always and need only make a fist.”

– Marcus Aurelius

This, of course, applies to living; Strive to keep the principles of right-living close at hand, never put them down.

Principles are always at hand, they are essential, unchanging truths, we need only turn our attention to them.

Principles rule fitness as well.

The principle-focused trainee has the benefit of having his fitness at hand whenever he needs it.

Take Hard Work, Ambition, and Persistence. These laws do not change. Hard Work can be understood in fitness as intensity, power output – How much work (load x distance) can you perform? How quickly can you perform it (load x distance/ time = power)? Ambition can be understood in striving to better one’s performance from workout to workout. Persistence, to show up and put in the time, no matter what mood our emotions happen to be in.

If you adhere to these laws alone you will be on the path of fitness, no matter what exercise you do, what reps you do, what shoes you wear, whether you eat before or after the workout, etc.

Trends change, principles do not. The trainee aligned with principles will succeed where the one following the latest get-fit-quick/8-minute-ab/ego/desire-driven hope will surely fail again and again.

Any one reading this? Any thoughts? Post to comments.


3 responses to “1/7/09

  1. Great work today Crew –

    Big welcome to our new winter warrior Ini! Girl is strong!

    Garrett – handstand against tree (assisted up), 4 speed chins (Do 3’s – faster), 4 rounds.

    Meyy – handstand against tree (assisted up), 3 speed chins (good!).

    Ini – 2 speed chins (awesome!), 3 rounds + Lunges + 5 sit ups.

    Mike – 4 speed chins, 4 rounds + 10 Lunges

  2. Mike

    Just as exercise can energize and raise us up with a natural endorphin lift, so too can words.

    Thanks man

  3. Thanks Papsi. Glad you got lifted!

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