Meyy’s the Man


Double Unders
Single Leg Squats


5 rounds for time of:

20 Double Unders
20 Knees to Elbows
20 Push ups

Post Strength/Skill performance and time to comments.

Old School Moves:



3 responses to “1/9/10

  1. Meyy –

    Single – Double – Single – Double on DU’s, Pole assis SLS’s.

    2 1/2 rounds exactly in 15 min. (cut off).

  2. Thanks!
    I also wanted to ask if we can include some stuff for shoulders/biceps/workouts for obliques as well?

    • Thanks Meyy – Long answer – We’re not isolating anything in our workouts, like biceps, shoulders, obliques. These muscles and all the rest work synergistically to create a lean, muscular, athletic build when we perform “whole body” moves (Check the physique of any gymnast or the dude above – gymnasts don’t do curls but don’t lack biceps either). Every movement in Old School Moves requires the use of all muscles to stabilize and and aid the primary movers. Short answer – Those muscles are not isolated but they are worked (even more effectively, I’d add) – Biceps: Pull ups; Shoulders: Dips, Push ups, Handstands; Obliques: just about everything that requires stabilizing your torso. You can always add isolation work in the gym at the end of your workouts.

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