My heart is with my Haitian friends and their families and with all of those suffering right now in Haiti. A tragedy for humanity. Since we can’t be over there lifting bricks and helping to save lives, please consider contributing a bit of money to one of the organizations bringing aid. Old School member Ini reminded me of one great, effective organization that is surely mobilizing right now: www.doctorswithoutborders.org


Jump Squats 3×5
Power Push ups 3×5


The Fearsome Fifty

For time:

50 Walking Lunges
50 Sit ups
50 Dips
50 Pull ups
50 Box Jumps

Post Strength/Skill performance and time to comments.


2 responses to “1/14/10

  1. Nice words and vid mike…Let’s hope yours and everyone’s efforts will help dry a tear or two over there.

    nice job, dude

  2. Thanks Pa zaaz. Always supporting me.

    Garrett – Completed all but 25 pull ups. Did extra 25 dips to somehow make up for the pull ups. Didn’t look at the time. Just finishing was enough.

    Jonah – Push ups against table, Squat jumps good. Workout unfinished. Attempted 15 reps of each.

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