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The Paleo Solution book release party happened this past Saturday night on an NYC rooftop. I highly recommend picking it up. This is an excellent entry way into the paleo/primal/liberated fitness lifestyle.


Sunday’s run downw Riverside. Beautiful. More Old School Fitness / PLAY happenings to come on Riverside for sure.

Testing Posterous

Testing this thing.

Evolutionary Fitness

Sun, slow movement, rest, intense movement, real food, play, sleep.

Please know, Old School Fitness is based on the timeless principles of human health and fitness.

For millions of years, our ancestors lived in accordance with our evolution and enjoyed the optimal expression of their genes.

Art De Vany has been extolling the virtues of living in accordance with our primal nature for the last decade with his website.

Check out this news story on the man.

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Double Unders


Pistol Progression
Speed Pull ups


2 rounds of:

Max Dips
15 Table Top Jumps

Post performance to comments.



Double Unders


4 rounds of:

Max Pull ups (Pronated Grip)
Max Dips
10 Table Top Jumps

Post highest repetitions of any single round for Pull ups and Dips.

The last of the snow! These guys stuck it out ALL winter in the park. That’s Old School.


Thanks for everyone for coming out this morning. Great energy having 6 hardworking dudes.


Speed Pull ups
Squat Jumps


5 rounds for time of:

800m run
20 Push ups
10 Knees to Elbows

Post rounds completed to comments.


For those who don’t know, original Old Schooler Garrett not only trains hard, he blows hard on the sax. Check out Garrett tearing it up the other weekend down in the Rockefeller Center subway.