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2/28/10 – Old School Running

Hey Old Schoolers,

Today’s casual Sunday run workout was a full loop in Central Park, 6.something miles.

We’ll be meeting up for these Central Park runs each Sunday around noon (time will be specified each week) for anyone who wants to take part.

It’s been a fun little addition to our training. We plan to mix up the distances / routes quite often.

Email me if you’d like to meet up for the runs.

In other news,

Winter’s really getting to me at this point.

I never thought we’d necessarily cancel meetings due to snow but the pounding we’ve been taking from the snowiest February on record in NYC has taken it’s toll on me and the classes.

I don’t want to see anymore snow!!! I want to be able to get outside and train hard and play games the Old School Fitness way, preferably in the bright, shining sun.

Good news is March 1st is tomorrow so we’ve GOTTA be getting to the other side of this thing.

Hope to see many of you out in the park this week!



Old School Winter Games

Pull up – 3 round of max effort
Squat Jump – 3 rounds of max height
One Arm Push up – 3 rounds of max effort
40 Yard Snow Dash – 3 rounds of head to head racing

It was a snowy one out there today but the heart and soul of Old School Fitness came together for some rigorous competition.

Here’s the results:

Pull up challenge – Meyy 7, 6, 4; Garret 11, 8, 6; Mike 12, 9, 7
Squat Jump – Who knows?
One Arm Push up – Meyy – low bench 2 reps; Garrett – ground 2 reps; Mike – ground 3 reps
40 Yard Snow Dash – Garrett won all three rounds (as predicted…)

Until next time…

Eat your veggies! And fruits.


5 rounds for time of:

5 Pull ups
10 Box Jumps
15 Dips
Run 200m

Post time to comments.

Meyy got wicked:


Our Old School session was canceled today due to inclimate weather.

Oddly enough, I ended up going for a “barefoot”, shirtless, run across the Brooklyn Bridge instead. Turned out one of my influences, Erwan Le Corre, was in NYC doing some promotions for his MovNat system. I found out about the event yesterday through John Durant’s barefoot running club in NYC.

There were media crews from Japan, Norway, and the states there filming and interviewing us about this “trend” of eating paleolithic foods and getting fit through natural movements.

After an introduction on camera, Erwan removed his shirt and shoes to lead a group of about 10 of us on a run across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Of course the media likes exciting stories, so us running in our “barefoot” vibram five fingers wasn’t enough.

The media wanted all of us to take off our shirts as well!

So, we did.

We ended up running two miles in all, back and forth over the bridge, with cars beeping in support and Erwan leading the charge (No pictures yet, but these should be something to see 🙂 ).

After warming back up a bit we headed out to the park where Erwan took us through an introduction to his natural movement course (which he usually teaches in climates such as Brazil and Mexico, mind you, not NYC during a snowstorm! This guy is HARDCORE, he was outside for a couple hours teaching us and never had on more than a pair of shorts and a hoodie, most of the time no shoes on either!).

So, pretty cool morning.

Check out this video of Erwan Le Corre doing his thing in some exotic land.



Double Unders

L – Hang


3 rounds for time of:

5 Single Leg Squats

10 Pull ups

15 Push ups

Post Strength/Skill/Power performance and time to comments.

We’ll be doing these soon enought guys:



Pyramid Chin ups



As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

5 Broad Jumps

10 Knees to Elbows

15 Push ups

Post Strength/Skill/Power performance and number of rounds completed to comments.


Enjoy some art of movement from the great Michael Jordan. Mastery of physical movement. Mastery of self. This is what I strive for in myself and my students. Michael Jordan had it. And these suckas wished they did too.


“Just me and Meyy”


L Hang

Sprints 40 yd x 8


3 rounds for time:

20 Bulgarian Split Squats
15 Push ups
10 Pull ups

Post Strength/Skill performance and time to comments.

Here’s an angry song and some guy working out. Apparently it’s me. You find the darnedest things on Youtube.