Old School Training

Thinking about joining the crew?

Old School Training would be completely free if,

a. I could survive in NYC without making money.

b. People valued and committed as much to a free program as they do to one they are, in someway, financially invested in (college, work, serious training programs, etc).

That said, here is how you can join the crew:

  • Old School Foundations classes are offered to new comers and beginners every Saturday at 11am in Central Park. These are free. Open to all. Our training has been a bit too much for some beginners, so the Foundations class serves as a weekly progressive, step by step, training in the basic movements of the Old School Fitness program.
  • Old School Intensive Training classes form the heart and soul of Old School Fitness NYC (okay, there’s some heart in the Foundations also). These are small group (3 – 6 people) intensive training classes. These groups provide individual coaching in motivating, crew-supported sessions. This is the way to progress your training fast, for way less than personal training. The rates are as follows:

4-week training cycle

1 x week: $120. (30 per session)

2 x week: $200. (25 per session)

3 x week: $240. (20. per session)

  • Personal Intensive Training are available for $70. per 50 minute session or $40. per 30 minute session. These sessions are suitable for individuals with specific needs / problems that can be best addressed in a one on one, individually focused session.

Old School Fitness NYC is about creating a community of like minded individuals that support each others efforts to improve themselves through disciplined physical movement. We do not want to coach people strictly individually and we do not want to have an unmanageable number of people performing exercises with bad form and paying us for it. We want to have a tight knit crew, led by quality coaching. To this end, we choose to facilitate multiple group training classes, all competing with and supporting one another through the daily workouts.

That said, we don’t want committed, motivated people to be blocked from participating in this because of income. I do feel that the fee is very fair for the benefits received from this type of training, but still, not everyone can afford it. Therefore, I am willing to work out other alternative payment options / discounts for any dedicated people for whom the fee is a barrier.

Just contact me to discuss.


One response to “Old School Training

  1. Great site. The bootcamp phenomenon that has really sprung up the last few years makes me excited about where fitness is going. While I always enjoyed being in the back of the class during aerobics classes, I always felt it was a far cry from my bootcamp days when I felt really strong.

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